Waiting for Godot

Much much better Supta Kurmasana today.

Went to the new, later time slot at Shala X this morning. Got there 15 minutes after it started, thinking that the session was 75 minutes, just like the earlier one (not including time for finishing, which is another 30 minutes). As I was finishing up Upavishta Konasana, Sir told me that class was over 15 minutes ago. I told him I didn’t realize that. He then asked me to make sure everyone got out of there, since I was going to be staying to teach the noon class.

I was all, “Well, that comes with a price. I’ll do it if you give me Supta Konasna.”

And he was all, “No deal.”

Then I was all, “I was just kidding.”

And he was all, “So was I.”

Ah, the mystery that is my teacher.



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