Yoga Chickie….Now, with yoga!

Yes, seven obsessive television-related posts later, yoga chickie is back to talking incessantly about yoga. Please pardon the capitalization errors – it’s the berry; doesn’t cooperate so well with my stubby fingers. Speaking of stubby fingers, I am thinking, and I’ve been mulling it for quite some time, that my finger length to wrist ration is problematic when it comes to any sort of wrist binding that requires a good grip. So, not any of the postures up through janu sirsa c. But after that, I feel like it’s hard to work a really comfortable grip around my (oversized? At least for my petiteness) wrists. It’s not preventing a wrist bind, so this isn’t just me being a pissy, lazy, not-working-hard-enough whiner. It’s just that I feel as if I would be a bit more comfy if my fingers were longer and my wrists more birdboned. Nothing – can do about that, I know. But it has occured to me that perhaps it would behoove me to get one of those golf-grip exercise balls, where you squeeze the ball to improve hand strengh?

Certainly, hand strength would serve me well in….drumroll please…supta kurmasana. For the fourth day in a row, I got totally bound – hands, ankles, and since today I was in the hands of one vedic-chanting new zealander (scheduling issues today…I missed being at shala x, but I got to see Boodiba, who can vouch for my orange cynthia steffe dress , which no less than 10 strangers have told me is gorgeous, and I’ve only been wearing it for three hours…), I got the “attempted dwi pada liftup” treatment. Was not to be today, not that it’s even on my current agenda. He did have me re-tithibasana, this time with legs high up on shoulders, feet pointed high and butt hanging low, and get out of it through bakasana (ie, proper exit out of supta k).

I finished ALL of Primary in 60 minutes, including backbends and finishing. That’s right – it can be done….probably shouldn’t be, but it can nevertheless.

I feel soooo good today, despite a little cold. Yesterday I lost my wallet, but I found it. I also lost a diamond bracelet. Found that too. I’m feeling lucky!



12 Responses to Yoga Chickie….Now, with yoga!

  1. cheri says:

    That’s not you! That’s the not anorexic Olsen twin.

  2. "YC" says:

    Well, Cheri, good to see you’re still posting and critiquing my choice of colors. Orange is a BIG fave of mine. I might even change my blog to orange if I get around to it. I’ve been told I look a bit Olsen-ish, but I have never understood why. Perhaps it’s my choice of clothes.

  3. cheri says:

    The sungalsses are bigger than your head.
    That’s why:)

    Orange Chikie?
    Yoga Orange?
    Orange Yoga Chikie?

    I like Yoga Orange best:)

  4. Yogamum says:

    I think Guruji gets through primary in about 75 minutes max, so an hour sounds like a good pace if you can do it!! I personally like the fast practices!

  5. "YC" says:

    Fast practices feel GREAT to me when I’m nice and warm.

    Big sunglasses also feel great to me when I wish to hide my delicate eye-skin from the sun.

    Orange is HOT.

  6. Carl says:

    Pretty dress. You look great in it. Orange is a cool color. It’s the new purple, I hear.

  7. "YC" says:

    Thanks, Carl. What I am REALLY jazzed about is that wrought iron chair, which I won in an auction recently. It goes with a wrought iron bistro table. I’m going to put them on my front porch when I move, for old people like me who hate to wait at the door standing up!

  8. cheri says:

    Oh, so Carl is two timeing me.
    Yes he is. How can you hang out over here?
    Did you here what she said to me!!!????

  9. Carl says:

    Cheri, I don’t see what it is that Lauren said that should polarize me in any direction. What more is to be said than that she looks good? I’m a guy so complimentary comments come easily to me.

  10. Ursula says:

    It’s a great picture. Very ladylike.

  11. Doctor Veganito says:

    If I didn’t knew it’s you in the pic, I’d say it’s Lindsay Lohan!

  12. Doctor Veganito says:

    I forgot to sign! Doctor Veganito = Sergio

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