The headless headstand

For the incredulous of yesterday’s post, tis true, I can do this. I have strength. So, for me, this took no “yoga” at all. For me, at present, all of the yoga is in surrendering and letting my teacher adjust my ankles into position in Supta Kurmasana.

“Do nothing,” he said to me today.

“Meaning…?” I asked, my face smooshed against the floor, legs over shoulders, hands clasped behind my back.

“Don’t do anything. Don’t even point your toes.”

“Oh, I know that’s what you meant. I just mean, I don’t know the meaning of ‘do nothing’.”

And with that, another day went by with me sailing easily, smoothly, delightfully even, through Primary all the way up to Supta K, straight-legged jump throughs, calm even breath, Bounty-free, even Mysore-rug free, only to stop dead in my tracks immediately thereafter (well, after a nice, looooooooong hands on cheeks Garba Pindasana followed by 13 or so rolls with my fingers glued to the top of my head…because why do 9 rolls when no one says I can’t do 13, 14 or even 15 if I feel it’s what my back needs to relax between Supta K and backbends…). If I don’t learn to surrender soon, I am going to go old and grey before I get to do a “legal” Baddha Konasana at Shala X. Damn yoga. Damn life lessons. Damn. Damn. Damn. Not that I don’t love it. But, damn.

Anyone have any ‘ludes?



15 Responses to The headless headstand

  1. Tiff says:

    I think pulling up off my head at the end of practice is ten times harder any day than doing pinchu mayurasana. I’m totally worried I will flip over pulling up…

  2. laksmi says:

    Well, I ALMOST accept this, Lauren, except I can’t see ALL of your toes. I did say full body shot. 🙂

  3. laksmi says:

    okay, and just to nitpick a little more, um, I think your head is supposed to be chin tucked.

  4. eeyore says:

    richard freeman has chin slightly tucked-in ( but his ass is not as cute:)

  5. eeyore says:

    ludes? yes.

  6. "YC" says:

    I just did what my teacher told me to do….

  7. cheri says:

    Don’t worry YC!
    You already are old and grey:)

  8. "YC" says:

    Yes, old and gray, as you can see in the photo, Jerry.

  9. Debby says:

    I have no idea what all these people are talking about. Or maybe that’s the Viognier. Anyway, looking at that photo reminds me of the dark and scary Forrest. But shoulderstand is one of my favorite poses–maybe because I can muscle my way into it!
    I miss you!

  10. laksmi says:

    i’m sorry, but it’s kinda like pincha when you do it like that. I think you need to tuck the chin. I want to see a video–25 breaths minimum and then lift your chestnut off the ground. go on. I know you have the technology.

  11. "YC" says:

    Deb!! Miss you too! I keep getting emails about Estes Park 2007. Not sure if I could pull that off this year with the move. Are you thinking of going?

    Laksmi, damnit, I think you are right. In fact, I asked my teacher, Lori, about it, and she said it does look like Pincha when I pull my chin up like that. Is it harder to do with the chin tucked? I will have to try it. But I can’t imagine you would want to watch a video of me breathing 25 times.

  12. "YC" says:

    p.s….it took me WAY more than 25 breaths to get that photo just right. My camera has a feature that lets me set it clicking for 100 seconds at a time – so, I get into the pose and then just let it click away until it runs out of time.

  13. laksmi says:

    yes, you must tuck. watch sharath do it–chin is always tucked. Raise up, gaze down the nose.

  14. laksmi says:

    see my blog for example

  15. "YC" says:

    Oh, Laksmi…such a clever way to link back to one’s own blog! Love it! Now, if only we could get a good blog war going…

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