she laksmi, she really laksmi!

Well, maybe. Mainly, I just really wanted to write that because I keep saying I to myself whenever I see that squirrel cage blog, and what with it being crazy crazy friday and all, when ashanga yogis practice only primary series, or as I refer to it, just another day where I stop at garba pindasana and wish that my teacher would see fit to graduate me to finishing all of primary, damnit.

Was that really all one sentence? Are my reading comprehension scores really dropping into the negative integers, even as my “works and plays well with others” quotient is going through the roof? Have I really lost my touch when it comes to inciting those delectable blog wars that send everyone’s statcounters into the, um, hundreds (!)?

Eh, I’m sitting here at Eastside Radiology waiting for my annual Bone Densimetry test. Because I am old and brittle, that’s why. Some other old and brittle lady is talking in a stage-ready voice with an accent that puts Joan Rivers to shame, about some terribly appalling thing that waas on the news today. “Disgusting!” she screeches. “He’s 44 years old!” she gripes. And this rant “Outrageous! And I am a Jew!” I have, seriously, no idea what she is talking about.

Good good practice today. Did not want to leave. In fact, I closed the place down at eleven a.m. And yet on Sunday, there will still be the resistence to getting to the mat. It never ever fully ceases.



7 Responses to she laksmi, she really laksmi!

  1. laksmi says:

    She is stuck at navasana, and she’s pissed.

  2. "YC" says:

    Heh? Who’s stuck at the what now?

  3. cheri says:

    When people are mad she uses her medical problems as a crutch.
    Just a little observation:)
    I luv you:)

  4. "YC" says:

    Hello..!!!???? Why is everyone talking about me like I’m not even here?

    I am four whole poses past Navasana, just to set the record straight…

    And who’s mad at me, Cheri?

  5. cheri says:

    Who IS mad at you????
    Tell me.
    You can trust me. I’m like your BFF.
    Come on. Who is it?

  6. "YC" says:

    Cheri, Cheri, Cheri…you keep alternating between spelling badly and being quite eloquent. Pick a persona, damnit, and stick with it!!!

    Or, maybe not. Maybe it is the shifting persona-ness of Cheri that is so very.

  7. cheri says:

    So very. You are so very too.
    I’m not shifty ether. Maybe just bieng around you raises me up to a better person.

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