all of primary and backbending too

I couldn’t get myself up and out in time for shala x today, and I didn’t want to practice solo again….and so I got myself to yoga sutra for greg’s midmorning. I want to say it rocked, but really, *I* rocked. Maybe it was the later start time, maybe it was practicing next to guta, christopher (doing poses I have never seen in person, like leg behind the head with arms in gomukasana) and david k, all with such inspiring practices. Maybe it’s just that things are changing for me for he better. But whatever, I did every posture at my deepest, INCLUDING SUPTA KURMASANA, FULLY BOUND, ANKLES CROSSED, DWI PADA LIFT (OK, I did need a little coaxing for that las part and my feet ankles sprang apart really quickly, but I really did achieve lift-off with my ankles crossed). Afer, I just continued, finished all of primary, and then soared through backbends. I think that doing setu bandasana really sets me up nicely for backbends. And today, I dropped back and stood up – not to my knees, but actally ending up standing. I think that working at the wall before doing backbends full on on my mat is really helping me to open up my backbends.

In pindasana, I grabbed wrists. In headstand, I did the final head-lift for more than fiver bresths, my head clear off my hands and my mat.

Ah….I feel so good now!!!



28 Responses to all of primary and backbending too

  1. cheri says:

    God bless you, your so great:)

  2. cheri says:

    But what’s fiver bresths, and what’s a guta?

  3. "YC" says:

    Um, it’s called typing on a blackberry while driving. Ooops.

  4. "YC" says:

    (what’s a guta?!! you’ll have to find out for yourself)

  5. laksmi says:

    I want proof that you lifted your head off the mat. A full body shot of you in headstand with your head off the mat and no strings. Only then will I be satisfied.

  6. "YC" says:

    Laksmi – I don’t get it…is this a hard thing to do, or is it something you don’t picture me being able to do? It’s really no harder than pincha mayurasana – easier, actually.

  7. cheri says:

    You need to keep your lazy eye on the road while your driving. That’s hands at ten and two and eyes on the road.

    I hope you weren’t smoking too.

  8. cheri says:

    I mean,
    Shannon! You need to keep your lazy eye on the road while your driving. That’s hands at ten and two and eyes on the road.

    I hope you weren’t smoking too.

  9. cheri says:

    Where are you!?
    I need some of your attention!

  10. cheri says:

    I mean, how are we ever going to be best freinds if you ignore me like this?
    We could talk about dresses and shoes and stuff!
    If you don’t fell like talking about yoga stuff:)

  11. cheri says:

    I just am really trying hard to, ya know, get you to like me better. I’m hoping by putting myself out here to you, ya know, letting you know I’m there for you:) I need soem feedback.
    Whatcha think?
    I am learning so much from you, it’s great.
    You know so much more than Adrian. You could help me a lot.
    Like a lot.
    You know?

  12. cheri says:

    Oh, and I have a blackberri too! Mines pink!
    But I NEVER drive and use it at the same time.
    But then, I don’t ever get to drive. Mommy doesn’t like me to use the car, so Jhose always drives now.
    I might actually take the SUBWAY with the yoga boy though, I don’t want him to think I am a spoiled rich girl or anything.
    Anyways. That’s tommorrow.
    I guess I’ll like talk to you later then, Loren.
    Love ya:)
    Talk soon, K?!

  13. "YC" says:

    Cheri! I’m here for you, my young protege. I will help mold you into the spiritual-material-chickie that we both just know you can be!

  14. cheri says:

    Oh, and I was thinking about your hair.
    It really cute, how about a shag or soemthing.
    I think it might take 5 years off, tho you look REAALY good for 52. REALLY. If I start practicing anshtanga this young I bet I will look soooo young by the time I am older like you.
    You are my role modle.
    I really think I can learn a lot.
    I started reading your blog from the beginnig and WOW, you are a yoga teacher too!
    That is so cool.
    You are so cool!

  15. cheri says:

    OH! There you are here for me. Sometimes I get a little woriied that you think I’m like stupid and shouldn’t have a blog.
    I’m so glad I found your blog.
    I love you:)
    Better than Adrian:)

    I can’t wait for my next molding!
    It will have to wait until after the date though. I don’t want to know anymore about seamen, it might put me off boys for good:)
    But then there’s still girls:)

  16. cheri says:

    Oh, gosh!
    Thanks YC, your the best! Good night!
    Got B I K R A M again:)

  17. "YC" says:

    52? Everyone knows that I’m 57. Yeah, the headband hides all the female pattern baldness and the flyaway gray hairs. You think a shag could fix me up good? With your makeover talents, and my vast knowledge of everything yoga, we could probably get a great reality tv show going.

  18. cheri says:

    If you wrap that white thingy allround your head you could be one of those Kunneliquists yogis.
    Wear all white. You’d look hot.

  19. cheri says:

    And I said it before, intercourse is for married people, shagging is for single people.

  20. cheri says:

    And lets not forget the intangenital stuff too.
    Maybe they just do that in NZ.

    Did I tell you I loved you?

  21. cheri says:

    I do.
    I love you:)
    You are the bestest yoga chickie in the WHOLE WORLD. There is nobody else like you they broke the molding after you were made up:)
    Love you:)
    Dear Yoga Chikie,
    You are my BFF:)

  22. "YC" says:

    Kundalinquist!!! That is frighteningly funny. Shit. I feel a distinctive “All About Eve” thing happening here. Young upstart blogger protege, upstaging her aging blogger mentor. Note to self: must out-Cheri Cheri. Must. Mispronounce. Yoga Words.

  23. cheri says:

    I’m not trying to upstage you, just get some help here. I mean you’ll be in manoupause soon and will need someone to take over your blog. I mean you are aging. And old manopausal women don’t do astanga!
    They do that streching thing, pitatles.
    That’s where my mom and all her freinds go.
    There still looking good. So don’t worry!
    You’ll be fine. I read you got a nose job, so a face lift in a few years you’ll be as good as 50 again!
    No problem.

    Oh, but I could take over your leadership positon. I mean I will be a high powered psycologist and then I could pop out a couple of kids and stop working and then start teaching yoga after awhile!
    No one would notice!

    It’s a great idea!
    Doncha think?

  24. cheri says:

    Oh, but I’m tired.
    Got to put this baby to bed:)
    That’s me. I’m a baby.
    Like not old, ya know!:)
    Not that your old, really.
    Sleep tight yc.
    I sure luv U!

  25. "YC" says:

    Nosejob – check.
    Tummy tuck – check.
    Menopause – check.

    I am 57 after all. You should consider having your ovaries removed too – it helps you build muscle, so you can be like Virgin Yoga Chickie.

  26. cheri says:

    Good night poor old ovaries missing nose jobbed tummy tucked menopausal virgin Yoga Chikie!

    I LUV U!
    Nighty night!

  27. cheri says:

    Luv YA!

  28. Julie says:

    for the record pincha is very hard for some people… like me 🙂

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