Yummy practice!

I was the only one in the room because, hello, it’s a moon day, but I had to teach a Fundamentals Class on Prasarita Padottanasana, so I decided to practice first (and I hadn’t practiced yesterday at all, glum and mopey and stuck at home as I was). And yet, I managed to generate a LOT of heat, and despite moving quite deliberately and slowly, I managed to finish my practice in 50 minutes (not counting backbends and finishing poses, which I finished in 20 minutes after the Fundamentals class).

Yummy teaching!

I adore the rhythmic nature of the Prasaritas, so teaching them is a joy. I had a student who couldn’t touch his knees, let alone the floor or his toes, so it was challenging to help him while offering something to the other students who ranged from never-practiced-Ashtanga-before to Hatha Yoga Teacher to Ashtanga Teacher Trainee. It felt great though, and I am pretty sure that everyone got something good out of it.

Yummy Coconut Shake!

I have to go back to Chinatown tomorrow to pick up some more Young Coconuts. There is something about the heavenly scent of Young Coconut water that makes me sooo sooo happy. The soft, sweet, kind of slippery, rubbery Young Coconut meat is beside the point – but it does make a shake out of the thing. Otherwise, it would just be just extra-sweet and nutty coconut water.

Yummy New Dresses!

I just bought three new summery dresses because my shrink told me that lately I’ve been dressing as if I’m in mourning – torn black clothing. Yikes. What happened to the fashionita that I one was? I don’t know, but I want to bring a little of her back, and not just on Saturday nights when have a black tie bar mitvah or the like. Today, I wore an ice-blue shift-dress by J. Crew with a v-front and thin straps. It’s a teeny bit big on me, so I’m wearing a slip under it. I feel so sophisticated wearing a slip! There’s also a orange floaty, many-pleated empire-waisted strapless Cynthia Steffe with loooong streamer-like sashes that you can tie however you like. And finally a rose-colored eyelet constructed strapless with a small folded “cuff” at the top seam. Very pretty. Very summer. Very yum.

And now I must take my little Tae Kwon Do-er to his class.



2 Responses to Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. cheri says:


  2. cheri says:

    the color orange, not you.
    You are not yucky.
    But if you must wear the orange dress, please take off the white headband:)

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