Bye bye Eye-in

Ian Ziering has left the dance floor (I don’t watch Dancing with The Stars, but I like to read about it on Television Without Pity dot com) . I only mention this because he went to my high school and we hung out with the same crowd, and I don’t mean at the Peach Pit with Brenda and Brandon and Dylan and Donna “DonnaMartinGraduates” Martin. Hell, Ian and I were already pushing 30 when he first stepped into the hallowed halls of Pretend Beverly Hills High School.

The last time I saw Ian (pronounced Eye-In, in case you didn’t know but cared), it was just before 90210 got started. I was walking down West Third Street between Lafayette and Thompson, when a car started spooking me out…slowing down when I slowed down, speeding up when I sped up, and then, jeezzzzzus christ what was going on, honking madly when I ducked into Pluck U, the nearest storefront I could find to escape impending abduction. Turns out it was Ian cruising around NYU-town, thought he was being funny. Haha. Ah, the high-school shenanigans of those of their mid-twenties….

My high school did grow-up quite its fair share of celebs. We also had Scott Wolf, two years younger than me. I didnt know him well, but I went to my junior prom with his brother. And his other brother is out there in Hollywood too, although not quite the star that Scott is/was./

And then there’s me. Not a celeb. But I do like to watch them.



4 Responses to Bye bye Eye-in

  1. cheri says:

    Your really Shannon Dougherty! Right? RIGHT!
    I’d recognize that lazy eye anywhere!
    And I thought you were just all washed up.

  2. Yogamum says:

    I knew he was a goner when they introduced them as “The Olympian, the Fighter, the Entertainer, and (brief pause) the Perfectionist.” My husband and I had a great time saying “The Olympian, the Fighter, the Entertainer, and…you know…that one guy who used to be on 90210.” I liked his fighting spirit but it was time for him to go.

  3. "YC" says:

    The Olympian??!!! Heh?? What Olympics was that exactly?

  4. Yogamum says:

    Didn’t Apollo win some Olympic medals in speed skating? Like, five of them?

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