This was me then

“Mari A and B are my WORST postures. Mari A is okay physically, but in terms of citta vrittis, it thorws me: while I can reliably grab my wrists in Mari A, it is SO MUCH DRAMA for me to get my bent leg back behind my torso. Mari B is a nightmare for me physically and in terms of the citta vrittis: I have yet to touch my head to the floor, and I can never grab wrists unless someone comes behind me and gives me my wrists. By the time I am done with Mari B, my bent knee has slipped all the way down toward my wrapping elbow, when it had started in my armpit. It is a terrible disaster, my Mari B. My Mari C and D are much better. But this is probably only because I know that Mari B is the most reliable indicator of how Supta K will be that day.”

-YC, 13 months ago

I was looking over the Ashtanga EZBoard thread on Supta Kurmasana, which I started and is now five pages long, and I was surprised to see that 13 months ago, I had written about how difficult Mari A and B were for me. I was even more surprised to see what had bothered me about Mari A. Getting the bent knee behind the torso? Wow. That is so not a issue for me anymore. I don’t remember it getting better. But it did. Same with Mari B. I can reliably grab wrists in Mari A now, and in B, I can EITHER grab wrists or touch my head to the floor with hands clasped (someday, hopefully, I will be able to both at the same time).

And, as I suspected, Supta K would get better when these got better.

Did I mention that I LOVE Mari A now? B, still, not so much. But again, maybe someday I will like be as much as I like….oh my, am I about to say this?….Mari D…..



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