The Husband Put Me Into SUPTA KURMASANA!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to me, indeed!!!

I got into Kurmasana, flattened myself all the way out with my legs as high up on my shoulders as possible, and then I told him exactly what to do.

First, I told him to externally rotate my calves to bring my feet up in front of my head, soles facing inward and slightly down. He couldn’t follow that, no surprise, so I just did it myself.

Next, I told him to press my left shoulder down under my left leg as he took my left hand and brought it up behind my back. He couldn’t really follow that either, at least as far as pressing down the arm. He did manage to bring my left hand behind my back. Same with my right.

Then, I told him to press my elbows in towards each other. He did a fine job of that, and I found fingers and THEN I found my hands and I swear, it was almost effortless. They just stuck. Solidly bound!!

Finally, I told him to come around and cross my ankles. Um. Nope. That was as far as he was going to go.

So, I did it myself.

Yep. Well, actually, not ankles. But big toes, okay? BIG TOES CROSSED, all by myself!

I guess all of the work I am doing at the shala is really paying off. Now, how to bring this sort of ease with me into the shala. Probably won’t happen for a long time because I remember a similar thing going on with the Marichyasanas. I would get it at home but couldn’t replicate the ease and calm in the shala for a loooong time to come.

I am so happy because this means that my practice won’t be decimated by moving up to the country and not having a teacher most, or at least many, days of the week. If I can actually get someone to just press my elbows towards each other, I can do all of Primary….and work on my backbends next.



2 Responses to The Husband Put Me Into SUPTA KURMASANA!!!

  1. Cheri says:

    That is so cool.

  2. laksmi says:

    be careful. He might try to get you into that pose tonight and flip you over. šŸ™‚ could be fun, though. I tried to give my friend instructions to help me in dwi pada today at my home practice, but no dice. She was a little too tentative. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

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