Double Team

I got another double-team adjust in Supta K today, with Lori at the hands, and Sir at the feet, and it was even better than the last time…I felt as if I could have gotten my hands more tightly bound but for the fact that I was willing myself to surrender (oxymoron, no?)…and I actually managed to unwedge my ankles further apart as Sir held them apart. I love when I really feel a pose like that.

The shala was super packed today, and the weather is warm. It may be that spring is finally here. I have been told again and again how the warm weather makes such a difference, but I really never really understood that. Today, I think I did.

On the other hand, it could be the righteous poultry-free and red-meat-free diet that I have been following lately as an attempt to de-muscle-ize myself. Yes, I know that might sound crazy. But break it down: I am already built in a compact, muscular way; now, add to that that I no longer have estrogen coursing through my body to soften things up and impede muscular development (not that you can’t menstruate AND build muscle, but the female hormones do tend to block the body from bulking up, not that I am bulky, but my muscles are dense and rounded, way moreso than pre-pause); add to that the daily prescription of fifty-something catturangas, plus up until lately, a protein-packed diet…well, it’s a set-up for the building of muscle. During the adjustments workshop we were talking about how body proportion impqcts Supta K, and it became clear to me that having shoulders what are broader than my hips is doing me no favors. I mean, it can’t make it easier to slide those legs up over the shoulders. It’s like I’m already starting off at the wrong leg to pelvis angle before I even get going.

Bad problem to have, I know, right. If I were into the gym rat thing, I would be happy with it. It’s good for looking good in a strappy dress too. But for supta k? Not so much.

I also think my practice might feel particularly nice going forward simply because it will only be once a day again…that adjustments workshop really took it out of me.

Could also be…time….things get easier with time. Practice and all is coming, and all that.

And of course, there could be no reason at all…simply one of those mysteries of life, yoga practice and everything else that we wish to control that we ultimately find out, we can’t. The good days in yoga roll in like the tides. It’s nice to catch the crest of a tasty wave and just glide with it. But sometimes you get dragged under. It can’t be helped. The key is to get back up to the surface and to be there for the next swell.



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