Invitation only for now

Another thing I’m disheartened about, besides the fact that my practice is sucking majorly at the moment, is this whole blogging thing. I really don’t have much to say anymore about my practice. I find that there ARE no tricks, no magic bullets, that practice and the assistance of a good teacher are about all there is. Nothing else is worth anything. Research poses, feh. It doesn’t help. All that helps is the practice and some help from someone who knows how to get you deeper into the pose. I knew, I really knew, that once I studied the adjustment for Supta K, that I would figure this out. It’s as if the final piece of the puzzle just fell into place, except that it’s kind of meaningless. It’s just a puzzle. It doesn’t really DO anything.

So, I have nothing really at all to say about it anymore, at least not now. I just need to practice. And I need to stop reading about other peoples’ practices. Hearing about how this one can do this or that is like walking past a bakery and watching other people eat my favorite cookies, knowing that I can’t eat them. Why do it? And then there are the bloggers who annoy the fuck out of me. Why annoy myself by reading their shit?

And why stir the pot by writing about it?

So, I am going offline for now. Hopefully no one is even reading this. But hopefully, writing for myself will be either rewarding, or I won’t do it at all.

Until we meet again.



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