Hmmm…so how ’bout those Mets?

Practiced at the shala today for the first time since Friday, Monday having been a moonday, Tuesday having been the house inspection, Wednesday having been the Living Statues production at school. Petri is there for the next week and a half while Sir takes a break. The shala feels a little different, maybe a little less intense. I mean, of course, that’s what happens when teacher is away.

I got there a half hour later than usual today because I had to pick up medication for an ear infection (mine…ouch), but somehow, I managed to get finished with my entire practice at the same time I usually do, which is to say that I got my Supta K adjustment, and I am once again able to bind my hands without jumping out of it in searing pain. That said, the ankle bind pulled my hands apart. Nothing new under the sun.

I do have to say that I was quite happy with the flow of my practice. In my head, I’m chanting the Sanskrit numbers now, thanks to the teacher training, aided and abetted by Sharath’s DVD. It really helps to push my thoughts to the outer corners of my brain. I find that my mind is filled with the counting and the breathing and not much else, or not nearly as much else as would be without the Sanskrit counting.

Backbends have gone to hell lately. I am not sure what the problem is. Is it lack of care and feeding? Or is it something else? Like the fact that I don’t much care about backbends at this point? I don’t know. I do feel bad about not caring about backbends. I feel like I SHOULD care. I just don’t. I’m too wrapped up in my portion of Primary and tying it all together in a unified flow. I think that’s okay. Of course it’s okay. I mean, what’s it all about anyway? It would still be yoga even if I only practiced Sun Salutations every day.

I had a cavity filled today and for the first time in my entire life, I requested Sweet Air, otherwise known as Nitrous Oxide. I never had any anxiety at the dentist before, and then suddenly today, I found myself really mentally uncomfortable sitting in the chair and looking up at the lights. My dentist suggested that it might be the ear infection throwing off my equilibrium, although I didn’t feel off balance today at all, and actually had the most solid Uttitha Hasta Padangushtasana that I can ever remember. But whatever. I asked for the drugs. It felt like my head was filled with cotton candy. I liked it. (Of course.)

Now, unfortunately, my mouth tastes like metal. I assume this is related to the filling, not the nitrous. Is that normal? I don’t recall every tasting metal after getting a filling. It’s quite yucky. And my ear still hurts.

Primary day tomorrow. Heh. It’s always Primary day for me.

Rinse, repeat.



One Response to Hmmm…so how ’bout those Mets?

  1. Anonymous says:

    how long will Guy be gone? I was planning on practicing with him on teh 8th.
    Metal taste is normal,kinda like chemo huh?

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