Pond Scum

Serious question for any homeowners out there who have wetlands on their property….What do you do about the geese that like to light on ponds and lakes and streams, if said ponds, lakes and/or streams happen to be adjacent to your front yard? We are down to one remaining problem, I believe, on the YC Dream House front: what to do about the goose poop? Better yet, how to get the geese to not hang out in the front yard?

Don’t get me wrong, I love wildlife. I have pushed the move to the suburbs into a move to the country, two acre zoning and wetlands galore. But I have heard that geese can be a problem wherever there is a pond or stream.

Anyone care to enlighten me?

Oh, and yes, Anon Shala Mate, I was thinking the same thing (re. your comment on the last post. And congrts on Setu B. I am just a teeny bit jealous.)



4 Responses to Pond Scum

  1. Anonymous says:

    For the geese: let your dog at them. For the mosquitoes and West Nile virus: DDT. For the boys: lots of common sense. Good luck.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Uh… dumb question.
    Can you (with your neighbor’s acquiescence) just get rid of the pond? Have it filled?

  3. "YC" says:

    The neigbor won’t agree to it. And a pond is considered wetlands and so is probably protected under conservation statutes, although I wouldn’t know that since it’s a moot point due to the neighbor’s attachment to the pond. I could also convey my interest in the pond to the neighbor, but what would that do?

  4. Anonymous says:

    i would just live with it, geese are usually only there during the spring (they make a nest, lay their eggs, and take care of their babies before taking off again, and it is quite enjoyable to see these proud parents), as for the poop, you get used to it, believe me, i have lived with it for the last six years 🙂
    (we have a three acre pond on our property) ivdp

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