Dear People Who Throw Their Pizza Crusts on the Street

When They are Done With Them, and People Who Discard Chicken Bones on the Street in Front of East Side Poultry, And People Who Dump Their Half-Eaten Baked Ziti on the Sidewalk outside of Italian Village After They’ve Eaten Their Fill, And People Who Discard Muffin-Bottoms in Flower Beds After Eating the Muffin-Tops, And People Who Treat The Sidewalk As Their Own Personal Chewing Gum Spitoon (no, the shiny rounds of squashed gum do not make the sidewalks sparkle like the night sky), And People Who Treat The Sidewalk As Their Own Personal Ashtray (what do you think happens to those butts after you walk away?) and People Who Have the Audacity to Open Their Car Windows and Toss Their Garbage Out Right Onto The street:

I have a bone to pick with you.

Stop being so selfish.

Someone has to either live with your trash or pick it up themselves (or rip it out of their dog’s mouth, or their toddler’s hands). Is this how you treat your own living room? Probably, so don’t bother answering that question.

I am sick and tired of the garbage. When did it get so garbagey here in New York City?



6 Responses to Dear People Who Throw Their Pizza Crusts on the Street

  1. Vanessa says:

    When I have the misfortune to get on a 24h bus to Hamish’s (as opposed to a bus that just started its shift), often there are chips and chicken bones and sometimes vomit on the floor.

    Nice, hey?

  2. Emily says:

    Jeremy Paxman, BBC tv journo/political pundit is in agreement with you and his article for Guardian “Green and Pleasant Land?” has had quite an impact.

    Can’t seem to post link but if you look it up on Guardian website you’ll find it.

    It’s good you’re saying it!


  3. ilonka says:

    funny you mentioned one of my husband and my’s pet peeves: i always wonder what the inside of those peoples houses look! maybe all the furniture is covered with plastic?
    🙂 ivdp

  4. boodiba says:

    You forgot used condoms! I swear to God I see them periodically on East 4th & along 2nd Ave. I’m thinking, “Were they standing right here doing it?”

  5. Debpc says:

    I think it got so garbagey when you decided to move out of the city and so allowed yourself to notice it. I’m not sure the garbage is a new development.

  6. Anonymous says:

    because nyc is a garbage heap. i used to live there and once saw a messenger take a crap right on the sidewalk.

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