I wonder…

1. If Supta Konasana feels bad that when ashtangis refer to “Supta K”, everyone knows they mean “Supta Kurmasana”?

2. If everyone who blogs would care to admit one way in which they fail at being “yogic” (thanks Tiff for inspiring me with today’s post)?

I don’t have to tell you how I fail at being yogic – because my posts are full of admissions. But I’ll give one to chew on: I nibble on the leftover bones my children leave when they eat Buffalo chicken wings. Bad yogini!!



2 Responses to I wonder…

  1. Debpc says:

    Your asana practice seems to be progressing in leaps and bounds (or should that be binds, ha ha), but at the same time you are becoming increasingly concerned with “acting yogic.” What does that even mean? Never getting upset when you’re in a hurry and the person in line in front of you is a slowpoke? Really, truly not caring about sitting in traffic? Being vegan and loving it? I don’t know….
    What I do know is that people who are busy judging you/me/others for not being as “yogic” as they are are not really being very yogic themselves.
    When I was at Baron Baptiste bootcamp he said that it irks him when people accuse others of not “living their yoga.” Why? Because it means the accuser is perfect. Or maybe because it means that there is one definition of what it means to be yogic. Maybe it just means to be true to yourself. And if that means wearing diamonds or eating ice cream or steak or whatever, then as long as you aren’t in anyone else’s face about it, it’s all good.

    I’ll see you at the seder! And by the way, I’ve gained weight.

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