Well, so much for the best laid plans. All flights out of steamboat have been cancelled due to inclement weather, which means we have to fly out of denver. Trouble is, we can’t get a flight until tuesday. Sigh.

At least we get another day or two of fresh powder (it snowed two feet last night and this morning). This morning we went dog-sledding while it snowed. Then Brian and I spent the afternoon skiing together. He introduced me to the vestibularly stimulating terrain park experience. And I prodded him to love the deep powder. Strangely enough, he prefers it packed.



Well, it’s sunday mornings, and we would have been on our flight home right now but for the flight cancellation. One would think we would take advantage of our rotten luck and spend another day skiing. If it were up to me, we would. Unfortunately, we are instead looking for a flight out of steamboat so that we don’t have to drive four hours to denver in order to get a flight home. So far, the entire day has been one long “please hold for the next available agent”.

Oh, and we have to pay for two more nights at our condo, which everyone is bummed about. The kids are all chaotic, asking us to take them to a movie, to the candy store, to the hot springs. I say make the best of it. But no one else is really on board with that until we find a flight that doesn’t entail a four hour drive southeast to Denver.

And so it goes.



3 Responses to Stranded

  1. Yogamum says:

    Hope you find a flight out! If you ever need a place to crash near Denver, mi casa es su casa.

  2. "YC" says:

    Thanks! We blew through Denver this morning at 8 a.m. and are safe and sound in NYC now!

  3. Yogamum says:

    Glad you made it!

    We are 15 miles south of Denver and we drove to Steamboat in 2.5 hours a couple weeks ago, and hubby wasn’t driving that fast, so in good weather it’s a less than 4 hour drive.

    Of course on the way home my van died and we finished the trip in a tow truck.

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