Practice Yoga, with me

Starting in March, twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:45), I’ll be teaching a Level 2/3 class at Practice Yoga on West 14th Street. I’ve been subbing there, and the students seem to groove on a really vigorous practice, so the “Level 2/3” will be more about raising the heart rate and working intensely than about bending into a pretzel or piking up into handstand away from the wall. There was some talk about calling it Cardio Yoga, but in the end, I think that just sounds kind of dumbed down. Or maybe just redundant. Because vinyasa yoga IS cardiovascular. Unfortunately, not enough people realize that. But we here at Yoga Chickie are dedicated to changing that.

So right now, my teaching repertoire is fit and fitter. Seems that this is how my teaching is “manifesting” (there! I finally used that word!). Not that I don’t love to teach my Pink Lotus (Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors). But somehow, this is where the path has seemed to have led, at least for now.

So, for those who have been looking for me (you know, all one or two of you!)…well, this is where you can find me starting in the spring.



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