Not in Portland – best best best Lost Episode EVER

I’m not going to do a synopsis here because there’s already a pretty good one on the Lost Wiki on the ABC site (hell, I wrote it, I should know). But I will point out one incredibly delicious tidbits that make me yearn for more (as if it could be any other way):

I am pretty sure that Lost is going to have its first gay character. And it will be…none other than big ole Tom, a/k/a Mr. Friendly, a/k/a Zeke. A gay character on Lost!!! It’s brilliant! Daring! So rare on network television.

But why do I think so? It’s not one thing, but a combination of factors.

See, Tom hasn’t been shown to be involved with any woman thus far, and almost every Other we’ve gotten to know has had a pretty fiery heterosexual entanglement of some sort. They’re quite the randy bunch, it seems, which might have something to do with the whole fertility angle that the plotline seems to be taking. So, perhaps the writers are waiting to bring out Tom’s boyfriend. When you put that together with the fact that he essentially laughed in Kate’s face when she implied that he might be interested in watching her shower back when she woke up in the locker room to see him standing there with, what else other than…products, a fluffy towel and a really cute sundress, and the fact that he said to Kate, “Sorry but you’re not my type”, which is absurd because Kate is EVERYONE’S type…Hell, she’s even MY type….well, it all starts to make sense, kind of…..



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