The dog ate my homework

I’ve been very absorbed in this project for the 2007 Manhattan New School Auction, which is why it’s been challenging for me to write as prolifically as is usual for me. There are still two kids missing from the photo…you can see where there is space for them on the green “rug”. And I’d like to enlarge some of the elements that are already there, for a trippy kind of effect: the rubber ducky sitting on top of the computer on the right (if you look at the computer screen, you’ll see the portrait of a girl who recently moved away to Australia…I wanted to include her too), enlarging some of the smaller faces of the kids for more impact. I also want to add a bright, shiny, red apple somewhere in the composition, to symbolize knowledge. Finally, even though you can’t really see it in this two dimensional photo, this is a three-dimensional work, inspired by the work of Red Grooms. I’d like to add some additional “levels”. But the project isn’t due until March, so I can take a big, deep breath now and start to get back to my normal routine, and just do my tweaks slowly over the next two months…


P.S. This has not adversely affected my practice in any way. In fact, I wonder if all of the hip opening I’ve been doing has enhanced my creativity somewhat, enabling me to do this project. As for my practice, there just is not much to say. I was thinking of generally NOT talking about it unless I have something BAD to say. But I hate rules. So, I’ll just keep winging it here on the blog.


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