Note to self: Call Oprah

I know that if, God FORBID, kinehura, puh puh puh, my child went missing for four years and then miraculously turned up, one of the first things I would make sure to do would be to go on Oprah, and while I was at it, I would be sure to make sure that the kid came with.

“Honey, can you get the phone? I’m in the middle of Guiding Light, and I think that Savannah is just about to confess to Byron that she married Tyrance while Byron was in a coma.”

“Goshdangit, alright then…..heeeeello?………what’s that? You say you’ve got Shawn? SHAWN? Good lord……hang on….hon, the police say they’ve found Shawn! After all these years!”

“OH MY GOD! It’s a miracle!!!!!! We’re going to get to go on Oprah!”

“No kidding, that was her on the phone.”



One Response to Note to self: Call Oprah

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know!!!!!!!!!!!
    Totally outrageously American (No offense).

    What a world.

    (anon shala mate)

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