The Ballad of Rosie and Trump

No. I can’t do it. It’s too boring. Gaudy billionaire real estate mogul with a really bad combover and an increasingly tacky reality television show. Strident, opinionated comedian with a Long Island accent who is suppoed to be funny but whose promotions for her “gay cruise” do not even hint at irony. Sloppy drunk winner of a really tacky beauty pagaent run by the gaudy billionaire who the opinionated comedian didn’t think should “get off” so easily by virtue of the gaudy billionaire’s moment of magnanimousness. Television personality who propelled her own fall from legitimate news grace by helming a daytime television talk show and botoxing her face into a parody of her lateral lisping self.

It’s just too uninteresting.



6 Responses to The Ballad of Rosie and Trump

  1. B. W. says:


    That was vewy mean of you.


  2. BeBe says:

    What about a cartoon on this subject?

  3. Anonymous says:

    it’s funny how your title says ‘it’s not about the self’. is that a joke? because it’s all totally about you and your own plastic surgery and backbend and blah blah. just own it. it’s about you.

  4. "YC" says:

    I didn’t say it’s not about MYself. I said it’s not about “the” self. Two different things. You must not practice yoga, which is totally fine, but just to clarify, the self is distinct from the mind, which produces all of this blah blah blah chatter. The self is the part of each person that does not produce the blah blah blah, but merely observes it. Once you strip away the blah blah blah, the self is universal in all of us – a tabula roa. Hence, THE self. And my blog is most certainly not about THE self.

    Just to clarify.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I like the way you immediately said ‘you must not practice yoga’. Really? Why do you say that? Do I seem UNENLIGHTENED? I’m glad that it’s
    ‘totally fine’ with you if I don’t practice yoga. Phew.

  6. "YC" says:

    It’s just that if you practiced yoga, you would have known that “the self” is different from MY self…no offense meant.

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