The "Po" in Ohio

Last night, I checked out The Oh in Ohio, and it was not only hiLARious but clever and “gratifying” (heh), in its non-Hollywood happy ending (heh, again). I’ve always been a big fan of Parker Posey, and not just because I happened to have practiced alongside of her once or twice at a Bikram Yoga studio in Union Square and at Shala X. And it wasn’t just the fact that Parker’s character opens the movie on a yoga mat practicing Ardha Baddha Padmotanasana, Toe Stand and Garudasana that won me over either, although that was a much better start than the “alternative opening scene” shown in the DVD’s extras. It’s just that there’s something about Parker that I really enjoy watching onscreen -an intelligence that comes through no matter whom she plays, but which comes through especially when she embodies uptight, borderline OCD, career women. There’s something in the way she is able to modulate her voice from high-pitched and girlish to deeply husky that I find fascinating. Perhaps there’s also an element of how highly I think of the films she chooses as vehicles. I’m pretty much on the side of Cecil B. Demented, but without all the homicide.

Happy Saturday ya’all! And don’t my body know it.



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