Kewl! Yoga 4 Everyone!!

So, it turns out that yoga really IS for everyone….even Satan Worshippers!

It’s kind of funny because there are already those who believe that yoga is a form of devil worship (at its worst, and blasphemous to the fundamentals of Christianity at best). Talk about self-fulfilling prophecies.

Now, drop and give me 666 Sun Salutations.



2 Responses to Kewl! Yoga 4 Everyone!!

  1. Tim says:

    I looked at the pics on the site. Did you see those crappy poses? Satan is at work!

  2. Yusnita says:

    Goodness! What is the world coming up to? Someone’s worshipping the Satan, incorporated “it” into yoga and promote it as another form of yoga? It’s just not right.

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