A little higher

Maybe no one else can see the difference, but I really think my backbend is gaining some height. I think. Practice today was strange – stiff yet no less bendy than usual. As Sir says, stiffness is in the mind. Most of the time, I am not really sure if I believe that. Today, I saw it in action.

Still have one sick child at home, and am coughing my brains out as well. Tomorrow is a moon day, so even if A is back in school, I won’t be at the shala. Hopefully Thursday! If not, then definitely by December 31, when Sir returns!



One Response to A little higher

  1. Julie says:

    push into your hips more… will help…

    hey last week did you see an oriental guy come in and practice with petri… nice practice, a bit stiff… working on backbending?

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