Now that’s what I call art

Yesterday, Linda showed us art that she likes.

A comment from “J” suggests that perhaps not all of us appreciate a good painting, unless, of course, it goes with the decor. I happen to appreciate a good, compelling museum piece, but on the other hand, nothing stimulates my creativity like shallow, celebrity gossip. So imagine my delight to have discovered Gallery of the Absurd….

Linda, I’ll see you and raise you one trio of panty-less, coked-up, wardrobe-malfunctioning, genital herpes-bearing “dis-Graces”, nymphing around in the forest like they’ve just been Pucked.



4 Responses to Now that’s what I call art

  1. Tiffersll says:

    I think that’s a pretty accurate visual depiction of them…specially Paris’ droopy nose

  2. yoga chickie says:

    As Paris might say on her Sidekick, “ITA”.

  3. suzie says:

    The Gallery of the Absurd website is fabulous. Love it.

    As for the painting, I especially like Paris’ stick legs and humongous feet.

  4. boodiba says:

    Ha ha!! I saw this, thanks to your tip about egotastic. Hey – a bored graphic designer has to have something to do in her cubicle besides WORK right?

    Note the herpes bumps on Paris.

    Has anyone else seen the Stupid Spoiled Whore episode of Southpark? About Paris. Very, very funny. She “ends” the show up Mr. Slaves butt. Literally.

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