Fifth Practice Since Starting Again, Again

And it was hot and sweaty and amazing to be back at the shala!

Everyone around me seems to have moved beyond the poses they had been stuck at before. Not me. Still hanging out in Supta Kurmasana. Petri got my fingers to overlap. But he didn’t cross my ankles. That said, it was my first day back at the shala, so I would have to call it a successful attempt. What happens in Supta K as time goes on…well, only time will tell. I do know that my hips could certainly open up more so that my chest AND shoulders can fully emerge behind my legs. The advanced Bikramies call this “Guillotine Pose”…because the head pokes through the legs. Kind of more like “The Stocks”, but I hope that provides the visual in any event.

Backbending FEELS better than I know it must look. I can almost, really almost stand up on my own now. Must be, as Julie’s teacher alluded to, all in the extra weight in the legs. Damn, it is easy to get out of shape if you don’t practice for seven weeks. I have definitely gained a few in the posterior region. Perhaps losing that, which I assume will happen simply by virtue of the practice, will assist the Supta K.

My strength, which appeared slightly diminished on the first day of my re-entry into the Ashtanga practice (couldn’t really come back up from chatturanga into up dog), is coming back. I guess part of it is muscle memory. Today, after the final three seated poses, I lifted up my lotus fully while balanced on my hands and floated back into chatturanga. LOVE when that happens. The strength is coming back. Yes!

Afterwards, brunch with Anonymous Yoga Shala Mate. Always a good time.



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