Speed blogging

I have about three minutes, but I have about three thousand thoughts, and so I am going to attempt to speed blog it, the blog equivalent of a hit and run.

I did some work study at Bikram today since I have a strong aversion to paying for yoga classes (Sir might be flattered to know that it is a rare rare thing for me to be willing to pay for yoga, given my access to free classes in several excellent yoga studios and gyms), and man, was I bored out of my mind. And hot. I hate working. I have to face it. I hate having to be in a particular place at a particular time, subject to criticism or praise from bosses. Especially that last part. It’s just ooky. I hate myself when I feel the need to kiss ass. And although filling in on a work study shift hardly creates a need for ass kissing, still, it made me remember the days of “ass kiss or perish”. Not a pleasant memory, and this is coming from someone who was fairly successful at the whole ass kissing scenario back when it mattered.

Subbing yoga classes does not require ass kissing, or not nearly as much as a permanent gig, with all of the attendant insecurities of head-counting and hoping for a following to develop. Talk about ooky. I like to teach for teaching’s sake, not for the sake of surviving as a teacher. Thus, except under special circumstances (e.g., Pink Lotus Yoga), I’m much better as “guest star”, as Samantha Jones would say.

What else was I going to talk about? Oh yes. Tomorrow I have my seven week appointment with Dr. Salzberg. I am sooooooo nervous that he is going to ask me to wait another five weeks to get back to practicing. This non-practicing practice is making me insane. I am positively cranky. If you don’t believe me, read my bitchy (unintentionally!!) comments on Linda’s blog. Linda, I meant no disrespect, but I am pretty sure you know that!

I just gots to practice.

OK, that’s all I had time for. And to think, I had such lofty thoughts about such diverse topics as motherhood, Bret Easton Ellis and the Lyndsay Lohan death-watch, stirring around in my addled brain. They will simply have to wait for another day.



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