Floating Yoga

I went swimming this morning since I am a bit skittish about practicing yoga until I get the official “go ahead”. It was lovely. I did laps for most of the 40 minutes I was in the pool. The rest of the time, I did lots of handstands and Tic Tocs and somersaults and pikes. Afterwards, I spent some time in the jacuzzi.

The Sports Club/LA is pretty fabulous. I wish Sir would move his shala there, like Jessica Bellofato is doing (Jessica, as in Jessica and Colleen Saidman, Colleen as in Rodney Yee’s soul mate slash co-conspirator in infidelity). Sort of. Jessica and her yoga school, Yoga Shanti (based in the Hamptons) and SC/LA now have some sort of partnership going on whereby Jessica is bringing her Yoga Shanti classes to SC/LA four times a week. If I were into vinyasa as a practice, I would be psyched as all hell.

As it is, I really can’t consider joining SC/LA because the only Ashtanga they have is Led Primary, and no matter who is teaching it, you can’t get away from the fact that it is in a gym setting, and there is a total absence of sangha.

Right now, after 40 minutes of swim, my body is as limp as overcooked spaghetti. I don’t think I could stand for more than a minute, and I barely have the energy to lift my arms. I guess I better stop typing so I don’t get carpal tunnel from the way I’m lazily holding my hands on the keyboard.



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