And just like that…

  • the Palm is in perfect working order.
  • the Palm Desktop is working like a charm.
  • hard as I try, I cannot seem to misplace my cell phone…wherever I go, there it is.
  • my laptop is now safely with the Geek Squad being put back together again at no cost to myself – my Service Contract is intact, despite that a day ago, they could find no evidence that I posessed a $362 Extended Warranty.
  • the phone is, for the first time in a month, NOT ringing with annoying brokers-slash-stalkers who want me to let them sell my apartment for a SIX percent commission, when my apartment is perfectly capable of selling itself, thank you very much, I think I’ll keep that six percent (despite that my ad is still out there on the NY Times Classifieds web site and that no one officially “knows” that we have a contract out on it….).
  • Tom and Katie got hitched!! Married!! For real!! My life really IS starting to make sense again!! (Just kidding about that one, not that they got married, but the fact that their wedding-slash-ironclad-business-deal has any bearing on my life whatsoever.)

Yep, right on schedule (November 18, 2006), it seems that Mercury has gone back to its regularly scheduled revolution around the sun. Retrograde be damned, I don’t believe in such nonsense anyway…..or do I?

So, my plastic surgeon gave me a big ole negatory on the getting started on the yoga next week plans. No explanation why six weeks, as promised, is no longer the deal. No promise of “After I see you for your next appointment on November 28”, nor even a “Assuming all is well, after I see you for your next appointment.” What gives, man?

We were emailing.

So, I emailed back: “I think we need to get you to a yoga class so you can see that it isn’t all crazy stuff.”

His response: “I LOVE yoga! I practice Bikram, Ashtanga and Kundalini.”

Talk about stepping on my buzz. He KNOWS what Bikram is all about (and Ashtanga too!) and doesn’t want me doing it. Ooops.

Me to him: “Oh. Right. I see. Damn. Sigh.”

I haven’t yet decided how much I can obey this to the letter. All I can say is that I did absolutely nothing today other than give Lewis a bath, and tomorrow I am going swimming at the Sports Club/LA. Family Day and all.



4 Responses to And just like that…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Listen to your doctor — oh, wild one.

  2. Lauren says:

    Yes, Mom.

  3. Julie says:


    If you’ve learned nothing through my blog over the last year… it should be Listen To The Best Doctor In The World.

    Though he says he’s done ashtanga, I don’t think he’s done our ashtanga 🙂 Bikram, yes, he’s done.

    But listen to him… he tends to be right.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How did you know? I thought I would fool you.


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