I hate Mercury in Retrograde

My laptop crashed for the third time since Labor Day. THIRD TIME! I brought it into Best Buy, to the Geek Squad, where I have my Extended Warranty (best thing I ever bought), and they couldn’t find evidence of my Extended Warranty. It took over an hour to straighten out the problem. In the meantime, I missed my three o’clock Bikram class.

Taught a class at Yoga Sutra today, which was good, other than the fact that my tongue felt like it didn’t fit in my mouth. I stumbled on every word. I must have sounded like a total novice. Then I agreed to take on a couple of more subbing gigs in December, came home and tried to input them into my Palm Desktop (on my kids’ computer), and guess what? All of the entries on my Palm have disappeared. Well, it’s not that they have TOTALLY disappeared…it’s that they are there, but I can’t read them because the Font matches the Background color. No idea why.

Before I got home, I drove up to my shoemaker to pick up a pair of boots that I really wanted to wear this weekend. He had closed at 3 p.m. It was 3:18.

The Husband sent out our Sales Contract today for the Buyer to review and hopefully sign. I SHOULDA told him to wait until tomorrow when Mercury is downgraded to a non-retrograde, or whatever the term.

And if none of this seems particularly shocking, consider that it is just ONE day in the life of a normally calm, cool and collected me.



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