They are totally there, limited only by the flexibility of my spine. I know that sounds kind of obvious, but up until my surgery, the shoulders were the limiting factor. And the limits of my shoulders were far greater than the limits of my spine. So now I am able to walk my hands in towards my feet until my spine says “Woa there”, all the while, my shoulders saying, “Bring it”.

Mari C is nice and deep. But Mari B and Mari D are reeeeeeeeally a stretch, with Mari D being a bind by fingernails alone (thank goodness I stopped biting my nails, at least for now). What gives? Maybe I put on some belly weight during my yoga layover?! Dear God, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I know, I am not supposed to be practicing. But I taught at Yoga Sutra today, and it was sweaty and warm in the room, and there was a vague scent of Nag Champa, and my music was plugged in, and I guess I got swept up in the moment. No vinyasas though. Just the asanas. And just select asanas. And about a million backbends and dropbacks. Ahhhhhh……

I didn’t even attempt Supta K. But Kurmasana is doing just fine. We shall see…



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