It won’t be long now

One week until I can come back to the Shala. I think. I have to confirm with my plastics doctor first that the “crazy yoga poses” can be a part of my daily repertoire once more.

In the meantime, I am doing the Bikram thing, since there is absolutely nothing about Bikram that involves anything “crazy”, other than the heat. And oh joy, Bikram Yoga NYC has opened their Upper East Side studio!! I was there today for the First Upper East Side Bikram class ever! Although the heaters were on, it was not particularly hot, which emphasizes to me just how non-challenging the sequence is, in and of itself. Without much heat, I was able to generate enough sweat to drench my clothes, but just barely. My heartrate never went up very high, and overall, it was just plain easy. However, it’s a wonderful stretch, it’s a great leg strengthener, and with the addition of blazing heat (hopefully, that will happen within the next day or two when they work out some thermostat issues), it becomes quite aerobic.

The cool thing about adding Bikram into the mix is that it enables a Primary-Only type like me to do some Second Series postures (Salabasana A and B, Dhanurasana, Ardha Matsyandrasana. Ustrasana and even Kapotasana or an approximation thereof…one has to start somewhere). Also, there are some standard “level 2” variations in the sequence, such as Hanumanasana in place of the second Janu Sirsasana A and Kurmasana in place of the second Paschimotanasana A. Kapotasana is one of those standard level 2 variations. I hardly ever try it though since usually the room is so hot that I feel as if my heart is going to beat out of my chest and go flying across the room if I backbend that deeply.

My arms are actually kind of fatigued right now.

Parent-Teacher conference today for Brian. I never worry about that one. I don’t think Brian has ever been naughty in school, and he tests out at above-grade level (NYC has standardized tests each year starting in third grade). Adam’s conference is on Wednesday. He’s the one who gets love notes from girls and acts a bit impish. It’s not his brains I worry about. It’s his snark. But I’ll think about that on Wednesday.



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