For Lost fans only

So, last week’s episode of Lost was so boring, I couldn’t bring myself to even mention it. I was downright embarassed to be a fan. I just wanted to sweep that fact under the rug and move on. However, after last night’s Sawyerific epi, I am once again proud to be a Lost maniac. I’m even inspired to put some thoughts to keyboard on the topic.

First off, any episode that is 80 percent devoted to following Locke (or anyone) through the jungle as he hunts a polar bear is simply not worthy of being aired. What is there to say about Locke’s hallucinogenic trip through an airport filled with storylines we already know? What is there to say about yet another disappointing relationship for Locke? Or about the fact that Locke likes shooting but doesn’t like murder (a la Fannee Doolley, for all you 1970’s Zoom Fans out there, box 350 Boston Mass 02134)? What IS worthy is an episode devoted to action, especially Other-action, especially Sawyer and Kate action.

I can’t help it – I just like to watch Sawyer and Kate, together, not together, doesn’t matter. Josh Holloway is just plain hot, and by hot, I mean gorgeous and witty, because in hotness, neither can exist without the other, at least in my opinion. As for Evangeline Lilly, she is not only gorgeous, but (a) she looks better without makeup, (b) she rocks wavy hair, (c) she has a compact, muscular physique, (d) she refuses to lose those last 15 pounds that she doesn’t actually really and truly need to lose in order to be gorgeous (according to her interview in the issue of Self Magazine on which she graces the cover this month), (e) she stays fit through play (surfing, most notably), rather than grueling personal-trainer-imposed work and (f) she’s dating a hobbit, and she don’t care. Oh, and she’s a terrific actress. And she plays a super-charismatic, seriously flawed, yet truly sympathetic character on Lost.

I also relish the moments on Lost when we learn more about the Others. So, Colleen was married to to Danny (aka Pickett), and he loved her very much. That sheds light on why we saw him tenderly kiss her in the middle of the jungle – it was a set-up for her death (by Sun’s gun) and Danny’s subsequent rage. And Juliet is a fertility doctor! I have no idea what to make of that, but it raises some interesting questions: where are all the children? why no pregnant Others? Is Juliet a really BAD fertility doctor? We also know that Others tend to not get sick very often, because their crash cart is on the fritz. Except that someone, and it isn’t clear yet who it is, has a big tumor on his spine and is going to need Jack’s surgical expertise. Is that the reason Jack was brought to the island? And if so, why was everyone else brought to the island? Why Sawyer? Why Kate? Why Sayid? Are they just minor players in a drama that really revolves around Jack and Ben?

As for the romance between Kate and Jack or Kate and Sawyer, it seems that Kate may or may not love Sawyer (“I only said [I love you] to stop him from hitting you”), but that Sawyer definitely loves Kate (he basically sells himself up the river in order to spare her the danger that he believes he, himself, is in). Where Jack fits in, I don’t know, but I’m going to guess that it’s with Juliet, not Kate.

And lastly, we have Desmond, who can now predict the future.

Two more episodes until the big hiatus-til-February. Cuse, Lindeloff: Please, please, give us more episodes like last nights and never ever again an episode like last week’s.



2 Responses to For Lost fans only

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, last nights show brought up some new information but I found the whole thing so violent, it was really bugging me. I mean what is with those people anyway.

  2. yoga chickie says:

    Yes…why are the Others so violent? Why are they so angry? Why are they so secretive? Why do they continue to live on an island? Why why why?

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