No practice today…

I’m taking a much-needed day off because (1) I am going to be taking three classes on Saturday in Estes Park and then practicing Ashtanga on Sunday (in my hotel room), and I figured if I took today off, then it’s a bit less daunting to practice Thursday through next week’s moonday (whenever that is…can’t remember) and (2) I had too too many errands to run and things to do, including researching and buying a flute for Brian, seeing my shrink (the must-have accessory for back-to-school), securing High Holy Days tickets, helping the kids with homework and then attending Curriculum Night tonight. It was a miracle I practiced yesterday since I had even more things to do AND I had workmen here installing a new carpet in my bedroom and new windows in my terrace. But sometimes when I make that effort on one day, then next day, I’m just totally spent. Hence, no practice today.

By practice, I am referring to Ashtanga practice. I was ALSO going to meet Sharon at Yoga Sutra for a Gentle Iyengar class. But someone special, someone apparently very very special, was visiting midtown today, blocking off major traffic arteries, and 10 minutes into when the class had already started, I called it a loss and called Yoga Sutra to ask them to give Sharon the message that I had tried but failed to get there. I don’t think they got her the message….sorry Sharon!!!!!!! I’m glad CH went with you, wish I could have been there too….I will be there on Friday to teach the 12:15 Vinyasa, so will I see you there taking CH’s noon led?

On other fronts, if I don’t stop biting my nails soon, well, let’s just say I better stop biting my nails. And soon. Before I have nothing but bloody stumps. It is a disgusting habit. And I can’t stop. I don’t know why. Perhaps now that I am flexy enough, I should begin biting my toenails in order to take some of the onus off the fingernails? Because something has gotta give here. My left pinky nail is smaller than my seven year old’s.



7 Responses to No practice today…

  1. Tiffersll says:

    I’m sure this is more info that you wanted, I used to bite my toe nails as a kid. Haha. Ew. I still have a bad habit of messing with my fingernails. I’ll grow them out and then one day just cut them short and they’ll be short (because I bite them) for like months…yeah nasty habit.

    My mom used to try to get me to do EVERYTHING to stop – bribery, we even bought that nail polish that tasted awful – obviously none of it worked.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I never got the message, but don’t worry about it. You probably would’ve been bored anyway. Bay teaches the Friday lunch class, but why don’t you come and practice with Christopher in the morning, shower, get food and then teach your class. You can become a YS bum like the rest of us!

  3. Anonymous says:

    i used to be a horrible nail biter! i thought i was the only person out of college still doing that, but i found if i just keep them filed real short i don’t nibble. also figure out what the stress is that is making you bite ’em. GOOD LUCK!

  4. yoga chickie says:

    Sharon – I can come on Friday, but I can’t get there before 9. So, by the time I get to Supta K, Christopher will be out of the room. Ah well, what’s one more day without an assist in Supta K? I’ll be there! See you on Friday!

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you come, I’ll make sure he comes back in the room for your Supta K adjustment. You might have to get him a coffee for it though!

  6. yoga chickie says:

    Well, when you put it that way!!! That would be so awesome! And I’ll buy you both coffee!


  7. Vanessa says:

    Next moonday is…tadaaaa….Saturday! (at least in LDN).

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