I came down with a cold on Saturday morning and I still feel tired and congested. So, no practice today. Besides, I am going to be practicing at least twice a day next weekend in Estes Park, and I practice on the moon day last Friday, so…..a day off can’t hurt.

Hopefully, I will be good to go tomorrow. Afterwards, I have to see a man about a flute. Sam Ash, that is. Brian has decided to learn to play the flute and join the Fourth and Fifth Grade Band. I am thrilled! Friday, he has tryouts for the basketball league. Such a renaissance man, he is!

I just sneezed four times in a row.

Hmmmm. Seems I have nothing interesting to say. I guess I just needed to make my excuses for not having practiced today.

Shanah Tovah!



2 Responses to Sniff

  1. Julie says:

    do you know what happened to your XML feed? It isn’t there anymore 🙂

  2. yoga chickie says:

    I have no idea! What can I do about this?

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