I forgot my own anniversary

Yesterday was the four-year anniversary of my double mastectomy!

High-fiving myself here.

Other than that, I don’t really like any fanfare. I have never, not once, not ever “celebrated” any anniversary related to my breast cancer. It seems like bad juju to me. And anyway, birthdays are for celebrating life. Cancer anniversaries are just kind of creepy – in my opinion. I know others who would disagree.

Next month, I will be having my fourth reconstructive surgery and getting yet another set. The first was the day of the double mastectomy. The second was nearly a year later when I ruptured one of the implants in a yoga class. The third was last year when my doctor attempted a bit of scar revision. The surgery was not a success. Let’s hope this next one is.



One Response to I forgot my own anniversary

  1. smd says:

    Hi five from me too! Forget peanut, you are an inspiration…

    Awesome picture too!

    Peace and health,

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