A dark day in the annals of yoga media coverage?

Or inside joke?

Last week, Fox’s House, M.D. featured a girl who became paralyzed after practicing yoga. At first, the docs thought that she had snapped her neck. Turned out, she had dieted herself into a case of scurvy (as if). Oh yeah, and it also turned out that she was a smoker. Hmmm. Nothwithstanding that no one gets scurvy anymore – even the guy who Supersized his way across America didn’t get scurvy, the episode mildly annoyed me because of the implications, first that yoga is dangerous and then that yoga promotes eating disorders (not to mention the fact that yoga is something that you can easily do despite being a smoker).

Although House airs on Tuesdays, I forgot about the episode until Sunday morning, when I suddenly remembered that one of the characters on the show is played by a real life Ashtangini.

Then I laughed.



4 Responses to A dark day in the annals of yoga media coverage?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve met her several times, actually went to her restored craftsman style house in LA with all her rescued dogs! She has an AMAZING practice.

  2. yoga chickie says:

    I KNOW!!!!!! She is my bandha idol. She is the floatiest woman I have ever seen (Remember – I have never seen you practice!).


  3. Jenna says:

    Yeah, I met her in March at the SF stop of Guruji’s tour. Didn’t recognize her at all, even though I watch the show all the time. We were waiting to see “Guru” and just chatting… I asked what she did…. she said actress… “Anything I would know?” I asked.. then she said House, and I flipped. I’m oh so sauve.

  4. rew says:

    actually, people *can* still get scurvy. i was shocked to find that out when we were visiting alaska. rickets is still around, too. whowouldathunk?

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