Lotused my legs in headstand!!!

September 29, 2006

For no apparent reason. I just had this impulse to do it, and I did it. And big deal. I walked out of the practice room, and I said to David K, the director of Yoga Sutra who is nearing the end of Third Series, “So, I guess I can practice Third Series with you now.” Hahaha. This was because one time, we practiced together, and he kept making me try some of the “tripod headstand into this tripod headstand into that” stuff, including upward facing rooster, I think?, and a bunch of other crazy stuff that I can do from the ground, but not from tripod headstand.

Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors…

Practice today was bleh.

Nothing more nothing less.

At least I did it. Got there too late to practice with anyone except myself. I was at Yoga Sutra, if you haven’t guessed – the plan was to meet Sharon, practice, grab a bite and coffee and then teach my class. As it was, all I got to do was chat, no chew, no caffeine, and then teach.

Off to Colorado. The Devil Car awaits (dial 666-6666!!!)

I will try to get some good photos of Ana and Baron and Judith Lassater. No Ashtangis will be teaching other than Richard Freeman, who is teaching today, and here I am, not there, so there will be no Ashtanga for me. Why oh why am I doing this? To hang with Debpc, of course!


Sprinting at Shala X

September 28, 2006

I made it to Shala X this morning, having run out of excuses. My practice was a sprint. I was drenched and exhausted by the time I was done. My friend S came with. More on all of this later. I am just happy to have practiced since I am now off of Advil until after my surgery. Life without Advil is more than just a little bit stiffer…


Henry Gale

September 28, 2006

is narrating the three-season recap of Lost – the omnipotent narrator! This is insane! If you’ve never watched Lost, you must turn it on RIGHT NOW!


No practice today…

September 27, 2006

I’m taking a much-needed day off because (1) I am going to be taking three classes on Saturday in Estes Park and then practicing Ashtanga on Sunday (in my hotel room), and I figured if I took today off, then it’s a bit less daunting to practice Thursday through next week’s moonday (whenever that is…can’t remember) and (2) I had too too many errands to run and things to do, including researching and buying a flute for Brian, seeing my shrink (the must-have accessory for back-to-school), securing High Holy Days tickets, helping the kids with homework and then attending Curriculum Night tonight. It was a miracle I practiced yesterday since I had even more things to do AND I had workmen here installing a new carpet in my bedroom and new windows in my terrace. But sometimes when I make that effort on one day, then next day, I’m just totally spent. Hence, no practice today.

By practice, I am referring to Ashtanga practice. I was ALSO going to meet Sharon at Yoga Sutra for a Gentle Iyengar class. But someone special, someone apparently very very special, was visiting midtown today, blocking off major traffic arteries, and 10 minutes into when the class had already started, I called it a loss and called Yoga Sutra to ask them to give Sharon the message that I had tried but failed to get there. I don’t think they got her the message….sorry Sharon!!!!!!! I’m glad CH went with you, wish I could have been there too….I will be there on Friday to teach the 12:15 Vinyasa, so will I see you there taking CH’s noon led?

On other fronts, if I don’t stop biting my nails soon, well, let’s just say I better stop biting my nails. And soon. Before I have nothing but bloody stumps. It is a disgusting habit. And I can’t stop. I don’t know why. Perhaps now that I am flexy enough, I should begin biting my toenails in order to take some of the onus off the fingernails? Because something has gotta give here. My left pinky nail is smaller than my seven year old’s.


PrepsCool, and I don’t mean Phillips Exeter

September 27, 2006

[Alternative title: “I’m a Preppy, he’s a Preppy, she’s a Preppy, we’re all Preppies, wouldn’t you like to be a Preppy too?”]

I had planned on getting my butt to Shala X to practice with Steve From Santa B, but three days have gone by, and excuse after excuse keeps piling up. It’s not that I make excuses not to practice. I always practice. I would daresay that other than Ms. Boodiba, a.k.a. Second Trip To Mysore, there are few out there who can say that they have missed less days than me over the past year and a half, not counting the six weeks I was forced to take off when I had abdominoplasty and breast reconstruction revision last summer (even then, I was practicing throughout the six weeks, intermittently, albeit without vinyasa). (Granted, I don’t have a real job, and my kids are in school or camp pretty much all day every day year round, which makes it waaaaaaaaaay easier to fit in a practice; I appreciate that!).

I’ve heard only great things about SFSB. And it’s great to have the structure of a specific practice time each day. So, what gives?

Well, I wouldn’t say that it is an aversion to practicing with a teacher other than Sir (or to a teacher at all). I wouldn’t say that it is an aversion to anything. I enjoy being at Shala X. I enjoy the energy. I enjoy the deep adjustments I get now here and there. I enjoy my peeps there. I enjoy the drive down the FDR, finding a parking spot and the routine of all that. It’s more like a lack of drive (seriously, no pun intended) from which I suffer….not a lack of drive to practice, but a lack of drive to practice in a specific place at a specific time when I know that I can practice whenever the hell I want, wherever the hell I want, and it won’t make a damn bit of difference.

See, without Sir there, I am pretty sure that nothing new is going to happen for me in Supta K or otherwise. Nothing ever has. Not with Petri. Not with Mark. I have no new poses coming my way, and no adjustments that are taking me deeper than I can take myself. In fact, and here’s the rub: I can get deeper by practicing at home where I can do prep work wherever I see fit.

And I see fit a lot these days. I bind in Parsvakonasana and Parivritta Parsvakonasana, taking the total breath count in each of these postures to more than 10 (five bound followed by five unbound). Before folding forward in Prasarita Pado C, I interlock my fingers and press my palms together as tight as I can for at least five breaths, and then I do the reverse hands thing one arm, using first one hand to take the other arm into a deeper internal rotation and then switching sides (which gets me far deeper than when Sir has simply reversed my hands so that my palms face out). After the Prasaritas, I go California style into Hanumanasana and Samakonasana. And while I am in Hanumanasana, I do some deep forward bends, laying my torso alongside my front leg and then grabbing for my front foot and twisting “parigasana” style. And as I have mentioned, each half lotus is preceeded by a deep external rotation of the thighbone in the hip socket.

So there you have it. It’s the prep thing.

Put me in Lilly Pulitzer shift dress with a pair of white keds and a plaid headband because I’M A PREPPY.

It’s not that I am averse to the shala. It is that I feel a bit attached to my prep postures. And yeah, it could be argued that this is not Ashtanga. But I know it is. I am just doing my typical rule-breaking thing. And no one gets hurt. It’s a victimless crime, really. I do it in the privacy of my own home so that no teacher is disrespected.

The way I see it, I could do it the totally Rules way, with the result being that I will eventually bind in Supta K. Or, I could do it the totally Yoga Chickie way, with the result being that I will eventually bind in Supta K. The difference is that I believe that the latter method will help me to actually feel more progress, understand the elements of Supta K better and ultimately bind in Supta K faster and independently.

Prep’s cool by me. I wouldn’t do it in public, true. But then, there are a lot of things that are totally cool that we wouldn’t do in public, no?



September 26, 2006

I’m nothing if not tenacious.

Experienced some stiffness in the hips, but not the kind of stiffness that keeps lotus away; instead the kind of stiffness that I don’t even know how to describe except to say that it makes it hard to rotate the thighbone back and away from the torso in order to (ultimately) bring the ankle squarely behind the head. I’m not trying for Eka Pada Sirsasana. I just want to soften that rotation, which I think, if I am not mistaken, is a “hyper”-external rotation, so hyper that the shinbone can make contact with the back of the neck.

Notwithstanding the stiffness, it was a good practice. Any practice is a good practice, I suppose. And every practice has something good that I can say about it. Today’s “good thing” is that I am finally consistently jumping my legs through. I have been jumping through for a long time, but a lot of times there is foot drag, or the sole of my left foot completely touches down (which acts as a lever and lifts my butt higher off the floor, so it’s not all bad, just mainly a bad habit). Today, the jump throughs were consistent and controlled. I start with crossed ankles and as I am landing, uncross them but without sliding them on the floor. And THAT is my good thing for the day.

Off to help with homework, get dinner on the table.

Man, these last few posts have been uninspired!



September 26, 2006

I’m laying about on the living room sofa all this beautiful, sunny day, eating chocolate (okay, a chocolate peanut Zone Bar), watching Bonfire of the Vanities on cable while the little one sits on the playroom couch watching the Cartoon Network and coughing. I gave him my cold. Bad mummy. Throughout the house, there’s the moist, clammy smell of a sick room, as if a humidifier’s been running down all night. The air feels heavy on my limbs. Even the dog is looking like a lump, sleeping curled up in a furry, hound-colored ball in the crook of a softly upholstered chair.

Such a depressing tableau.

I don’t normally watch daytime television. A movie is a little more highbrow than a daytime soap or talkshow, but still. Daytime television advertises to its appropriate demographic: shut-ins, and so you have the commercials for infant diapers and asthma inhalers and chemotherapy-boosters like Neupogen and the lawyers! Oh! The lawyers with the 800 numbers that want you to call them if you’ve been injured or malpracticed upon or if you ever took this drug or that drug and are now stuck at home with a heart condition.

I hope to practice later and to pull myself out of this self-imposed funk.

I want to highly recommend Bonfire because even though it sucked ass in 1990, before anyone could become nostalgic for the big hair, big shoulders, big money and teeny-tiny values of the 80’s, before enough time had passed between the publication of Tom Wolf’s critically acclaimed book so that comparisons would not be so fresh and raw, this movie is damn sharp, funny and highly entertaining from where I sit in 2006. Hard to believe it is a Brian DePalma flick, farcical as the movie translates 16 years after its making.

I must go now. Time to mope and sulk for no apparent reason.