The Pluto formerly known as "Planet"

Does anyone else find it to be entirely unremarkable in this day and age of corporate downsizing and subtle (and not so subtle) acts of overt discrimination, that poor old Pluto would get demoted on the sole basis of being a dwarf?

My surprise was in finding out that Pluto even IS a dwarf (or even a planet for that matter). Here I was thinking that Pluto was a big, yellow, kind of stupid-looking dog. Mickey Mouse’s big, yellow, kind of stupid-looking dog, to be exact.

Speaking of Mickey Mouse, I wonder how the Seven Dwarfs feel about this. It seems to me that this whole demotion-on-the-basis-of-being-a-dwarf could be viewed as an implicit attack on their status as productive members of society. I mean, here we have a Disney dog that can’t even talk, and first he’s accused of impersonating a planet, then told that, in fact, he is actually a dwarf, and then, insult to injury, he’s getting unceremoniously demoted.

Seems unfortunate (although as I said, unsurprising) that the universe is no longer a hospitable place for dwarfs (although “dwarves” may get better treatment simply by virtue of their Tolkien-esque moniker). Whoever said “size doesn’t matter” clearly was not a dwarf passing as a dog passing as a planet.



One Response to The Pluto formerly known as "Planet"

  1. Sara says:

    My son was absolutely crushed at Pluto’s demotion. He is Pluto in the Fourth of July parade every year and a devoted fan of the Milky Way, and this shook his foundations.

    Now what are we going to say after “Neptune”?? Just have a moment of silence?

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