Five hours and 13 minutes later…

The ferry ride was delightful, and even more delightful was the fact that as soon as we hit dry land, it began to rain! Such timing! Nearly a week on the beach without a drop of rain, and as soon as we leave the beach, the rain begins!

Unfortunately, the rain took on nearly biblical proportions as I drove West from Bay Shore towards Manhattan, which slowed our progress significantly. Luckily, the Husband agreed to meet us in front of the building where class is held and take the car (with the kids, the dog and the luggage) home so that I could high-tail it up the stairs to teach my class, a mere 10 minutes late.

And here I sit. My back is aching from too much yoga. That’s right. Not only did I do my regular practice today, but as I sat on the beach watching Brian build a gigantic city out of sand and Adam “stomach surfing” (as he calls it) the “tasty waves” (as he calls them), I decided to be a complete moron (and show-off, I suppose) and revisit all of the Marichyasanas, and a couple of Second Series (gasp) poses that I quite enjoy (having learned them in Jivamukti classes over the years): Ardha Matsyandrasana (with and without a bind), Bhekasana (which has always been quite easy for me, since my knees have always been fairly healthy, thank goodness, knock wood, kinahura, puh puh puh), Ustrasana (part of Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class!), Laghu Vajrasana (my freakishly strong quads make rising up from the bottom easy…hey, something should be easy for me, no?) and Baradvajrasana. Sorry, I am a criminal. Yes, indeed. And I am being punished for it. Oh….the aches and pains….that’ll teach me.

Hey…on another topic: Anyone see this Primary Series Chart? It lists all of the poses ALONG with all of their corresponding drishtes! Way cool.

OK, time to finish my cheesy but incredibly compelling novel.



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