It’s 10 PM. Do you know where your Chickie is?

Well, I’ll tell you. I am sitting on a tennis court at the Ocean Beach, Fire ferry dock. My boys are playing a pretty decent game of tennis, considering the time of day (by which I mean, “night”). I promised them that they could play some ball as soon as wel got off the ferry, so long as the lights in the courts were on. As it turned out, the lights on the tennis courts were blazing, as were th0se on the basketball courts. This town is hopping. Amazing, given that it is the middle of the week on a non-holiday week. Even more amazing are the vast numbers of children under the age of 12 who are wandering around here at this hour, eating ice cream, looking tanned (that’s not surprising) and wide awake (that, on the other hand, is).

Did anyone here on the East coast know that we are in the middle of a meteor shower? I am not sure for how many more days this will be going on, but for tonight and for at least the next few nights, when you look up in the East-West sky, you just may see some shooting stars and even some “floating” stars (pieces of space rock that are just kind of floating in orbit and within view of Earth). I think that with the New Moon and all, it is going to be even easier to look up and see these natural wonders, except if you’re in the city, in which case the city lights will make it difficult to see anything at all.

Oh, yeah, and I have wireless here on the tennis courts. Obviously. What a thrill for me! It was either crack open the laptop or struggle to read my trashy novel in this odd and unnatural light (trashy novel is Dean Koontz’s The Key To Midnight. Yes, I am a closet Koontz and King fan. How lowbrow of me.)

Excuse me now…I have to go tell Adam that there’s no crying in tennis.



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