Ode to Tiff (i.e., girl with no spine)

Once upon a time in a magical place
that has come to be known as Southern C.A.,
a child was born with a special gift:
she had no spine; her name was Tiff.

Tiff taught spin, which tightened her hips.
She wore high heels and at times took a nip.
She ate gummy bears without so much as blinking,
and often she spent far too much time thinking.

Yet in spite of these factors which might have impeded
her progession through Primary, it seems that indeed, it
did not stop Tiff, not a jot, not a bit;
Ashtanga and Tiff: what a wonderful fit!

But here is the thing that I don’t understand:
Without a spine, one cannot stand!
So if Tiff has no spine, not a vertebrae in sight,
Then how is that our Tiff stands upright?!
(i.e., With no spine at all,
how does Tiff stand so tall?)

I guess it’s enough
that her muscles are buff.

Tiff can you teach me to bend like you do?
Where might I go to become spine-free too?
Oh how I wish that my back weren’t tight.
If it’s wrong to be bendy, I don’t wanna be right.




4 Responses to Ode to Tiff (i.e., girl with no spine)

  1. Ursula says:

    So nice! I have almost tears in my eyes.

  2. Tiffersll says:

    HAHAHAH OMIGOSH. I about died laughing when I read that…that was really sweet at the same time.

    You’re a poet and didn’t even know it!

    Come visit SD, I’ll try and bend your spine for you.

    Thanks for the love.

  3. Sergio says:

    How funny! XD

  4. boodiba says:

    Ah natural virtuosity! It’s a gift! Really amazing, very inspiring and a muse for some admiring comedy. Just think where Tiff’ll be in ten years!

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