Practice makes….


But I am loving loving loving it at the moment.

I had the most wonderful practice today. I finished only two minutes ago. I practiced on my terrace (which is enclosed by windows on all four sides, one side being a window into my bedroom) and watched as the sky went from blue to grey to black, giving way to torrential rain as suddenly as if this were a tropical island, rather than one made of concrete and man-made parks.

It took me this long to get started because I woke up absolutely exhausted today and wasn’t even sure if I would have the wherewithal to hit the mat today. But as I was taking a hot bath in the late afternoon, it occurred to me that I really couldn’t “know” if I were, in fact, too tired to practice unless I actually stood on my mat and made the attempt.

I’m nothing if not self-motivated.

Now, I don’t want to jinx myself, but I could swear that I am making progress in Supta K. My goal is to be able to get into it myself. Well, I suppose we all have that goal. But it has always bothered me that here is a posture where we have to helplessly wait while splayed out on the ground (in Kurmasana) for our teacher to come and turn us into pretzels. And by “always”, I mean for as long as I have been practicing in the Mysore style, even back when I was stopping at Marichyasana C and nowhere near getting put into Supta K.

I remember taking a led class at the shala this summer and seeing Linda pretzel her ownself into Supta K. Teacher (Petri) looked on with approval. I looked on and knew that I wanted to be doing what she was doing. Someday. If possible. It’s not a lot to ask of myself, self-reliance in Supta K. Of course, it would be nice to even be able to bind in Supta K at all first.

My drop-backs are nice and soft now. I never ever ever want to not be able to drop back ever again. If that makes sense. My stand-ups aren’t there yet, but again, without jinxing myself, I think I am seeing some progress.

My kids are killing each other, so I must run.



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