Aint nothin’ yogic about South Park, but if you enjoy it with a Zico-Banana Smoothie…well, maybe….

South Park….I discovered it this week, and I luuuuuurve it. Favorite character: the one who gets killed in every episode, Kenny. He’s also the one who wears the red parka pulled around his face and who speaks incoherently. I have no idea why I like him so much. Cause he’s a survivor?! Uh, no. That would be me taking it way too seriously. Anyway, he really does DIE in each episode. He just comes back in the next. No explanation. Usually no reference to any past deaths. But there are apparently a few exceptions.

It is vulgar and absurd and the animation is crude, which only makes it funnier.

What I also love: Zico and a frozen banana, whirled in the blender until smooth. Seriously, seriously yummy. Thanks to the beautiful, eco-conscious and granola-chic, Sara at Apartment Therapy: the Kitchen for turning me onto frozen bananas as a way of (1) avoiding wasting food and (2) maintaining a stash of peeled, ice-cold ripe bananas at the ready for making smoothies. Coconut and banana. Potassium and Magnesium. Serious fruit sugar, but easily digestible. Ayurvedically speaking, it doesn’t get much better than this for anyone, no matter what the constitution. But the cool smoothness just seems tailor made to sooth my pitta soul.

Two great tastes that taste great together.

Note, as Sara points out, and as I said, PEELED bananas. You really ought to peel the bananas before freezing them because…well….can you imagine trying to peel already-frozen bananas? Oy. I am not sure how Sara would feel about using Zico since I haven’t been able to ascertain whether the coconuts they use are organically/sustainably grown. But I like Zico becuase it is sweet, but not too sweet, it doesn’t have pulp, it is easy to open (unlike an actual coconut) and it weighs in at a non-whopping 60 calories for 11 ounces. Add a banana, and you have a perfectly delicious, ice-cold, non-annoyingly prepared (ask Guy: it matters how we feel as we prepare our food) smoothie for less than 150 calories.

I think it makes a great “I’m too hungry to go to bed and wake up and practice on an empty stomach” kind of evening soother. I would like to see if it works as a pre-practice source of energy, although I’m thinking “no”. Too much sugar – would make my tummy roil. Now caffeine, that doesn’t bother me. But fructose? Aye caramba. Not an auspicious start.



2 Responses to Aint nothin’ yogic about South Park, but if you enjoy it with a Zico-Banana Smoothie…well, maybe….

  1. Yogamum says:

    Here’s something yogic about South Park: one of the lead animators from the first couple of seasons is an ashtangi! Seriously! I used to go to his classes.

    I love South Park. And frozen bananas too.

  2. Karen says:

    South Park rocks. My favorite: TIMMY!

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