Honey, I need space….

It’s not you, it’s me.

I love you dearly. You’ve changed my life. You inspire me to be a better person.

But sometimes our relationship is so intense…I feel like I am suffocating. It’s not your fault. It’s totally mine. It’s the way I relate to you, it’s nothing that you are doing, I promise…it’s all me.

Gosh, I feel better having said that. See, sometimes I just need to assert my independence, take a little break, get some perspective. Like today. I just needed some time to myself. To work through some stuff on my own. I think that taking a step back is healthy…for me….for us. It helps me to appreciate you more…so that when I come back to you, I am fresh and hopefully, even more committed. And I so so so appreciate that you are here for me when I get like this and that I can rely on you to be there for me when I come back to you.




One Response to Honey, I need space….

  1. Sally D says:

    Hi there Lauren,

    I love your writing style – you always bring a bit of wit or thought to my day! Hope that you get the space you need to breathe and return refreshed…

    I posted this on Boobida’s blog a couple of days ago, but am thinking it’s unlikely you are checking her old comments!!

    I am an Aussie ashtangi and was surprised to hear that the Mark in NY was Mark from Sydney! He is such a fantastic teacher, he started teaching with Eileen Hall (another beautiful teacher)at the studio I started learning ashtanga at in Sydney. I was not sure where he was now, as I have moved to Melbourne… if you get a chance, mention that Sally from Yogamoves sends my best (he might remember me from my group of friends who all practiced there too)- I think he would be quite spun out!

    On another note, I hope that you get to move beyond supta K sooooon! Sounds like you need it… My own experience was that I started learning with Eileen Hall(very strict) and she had me move beyond supta k when I was still struggling with it, as I needed to build strength. Back then, I always rememeber supta K being the climax of my practice and the rest of primary as the denoument… Now in second series kapo is that for me…

    keep up the wonderful writing! namaste

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