Down dog

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Lewis the Bagle is a feeling a bit down this week because his aunt Fergie (full name: Sarah Ferguson, Dutchess of Yorkshire Terrier) has come for a visit while her parents (who are my parents too..which makes Fergie my 16-year old sister) are in Eastern Europe gettin’ in touch with their roots. Last I heard they were in Helsinki, but I do not believe that they made it over to see Petri, assuming Petri is even there now.

Fergie is quite the little handful for a two pound Yorkie. She doesn’t really walk on a leash, so that means I have to carry her around while walking Lewis, or else make two trips. I had to give her a bath yesterday because her eyes were all goopy. Then I decided to give her a little hair cut to get rid of all the long droopy hair that was getting in her eyes, causing the goopiness in the first place. She looks much better now. Like a little princess. Or dutchess.

Practice was weird today – all vata above the neck, all pitta in the body. My mind was spinning wildly, but nothing really outside of the practice, just thinking ABOUT the practice, getting overly obsessive about aligning myself in postures in JUST the right way so that I could enhance the corresponding later postures. I realized I needed to get my act together when I completely forgot about Parsvotanasana about halfway through Uttitha Hasta Padangusthasana.

Mark gave me a great adjustment in Supta K and in Urdvha Dhanurasana. I forgot how much I love to be adjusted in Urdvha D. At one point he asked me, “Do they not have towels on the Upper East Side”, which had more than one person in the shala laughing their ass off. I am quite famous for my Bounty now, and not in a good way. I am soooooo embarassed. And I want so much to get rid of the Bounty at this point, but I am just sooooo stubborn: I don’t want to get rid of it just because everyone is scoffing at me…the fact that I have begun to make an ass out of myself with the Bounty is only making me more attached to it.

Sooo…..if I get rid of the Bounty, it is only because I have begun to see it as really idiotic when, as Mark pointed out, a really big beach towel would do the same thing (without decimating the East Coast’s forests or leaving a trail of soaking wet paper wherever I go).

It is NOT because everyone else sees it as idiotic.





3 Responses to Down dog

  1. Sergio says:

    I’m glad you’ve finally decided to go for something more…er…sustainable.

  2. rew says:

    what a cute puppy pic!

    i’m SUCH a sucker for hound snouts. and ears.

  3. Richard says:


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