Ah, good times, good times

I just got an invitation to a party being thrown for alumni of the law firm at which I spent my final days as a practicing attorney. “Please join us for a night of good times, shared memories and renewed friendships,” it beckons.

Upon clicking on the invitation graphic, the invitee is taken to an RSVP form that asks the invitee to submit his or her favorite memory from his or her days at The Law Firm (or, rather, his or her favorite memory from one of the three firms that merged to form the 900+ attorney international conglomerate). This strikes me as funny since law firms are not exactly known for providing their employees with happy memories. But then, it doesn’t actually ask for “happy” memories. Just “favorite” memories.

Which makes it a whole lot easier.

And so, not being one to shy away from my duty to contribute to a written work when asked, I began to think about what I might list as a “favorite memory” of my tenure at “The Law Firm.” And so, I give to you…”Yoga Chickie’s Favorite Memory From The Good Ole Days at The Law Firm”:

[sound of crickets chirping]


[more sounds of crickets chirping]

…right…okay…just give me one second….

[visual of Yoga Chickie, sitting motionless at the computer, brows furrowed]

…hmmm….that show Adam’s watching, what’s it called…Ben 10, I think….looks reeeeeallly compelling….

So, yeah, I think I have to get back to you on that one.



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