Matheads of the world, unite

As you can see, I have added a poll to my blog, wherein you are cordially invited to vote “yes” or “no” to the now famously loaded question: Is yoga your cardio?

A few clarifications:

  1. If you bike to yoga class, you don’t have to vote “no” unless your intention in biking to yoga class is to take care of your daily cardio. Only you can know your intentions….
  2. If you rollerblade, skateboard, walk the dog, take long walks along the water, etc., you don’t have to vote “no” unless you’re doing so with the intention of getting in your cardio. If you feel that your yoga that day WAS your cardio, and that this additional exercise is merely for enjoyment without the cardio agenda, then you should vote “yes”.
  3. If you only do yoga, and don’t “do” cardio, but only because of time constraints, and if you had the time you WOULD go to the gym and spend 4o minutes on the stairmaster, then you should probably think about voting “no”.
  4. This poll is fully anonymous.
  5. You can only vote once – the poll remembers IP addresses, even if it doesn’t identify you personally.
  6. Please vote! This ought to be interesting!



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