Yoga Chickie hates the heat but loves being hotter than hell

Remember Fannie Dooley from the Original Zoom (“Write Zoom…Box 350 Boston Mass Oh Two ONE three FOUR…Send it to ZOOM!”)? Well, that’s what I was going for here…you know…Fannie Dooley hates meat but loves beef….Fannie Dooley hates her butt but loves her ass…no wait, that one didn’t work….

Eh, if you have to explain it….

Many will enter, few will win. Some will read, a scant few will understand.

As you can see, at the moment, my blogging has been reduced to a heat-addled, sweat-muddled, brain-scrambled incomprehensible mess.

But I’ll go with it. And you can look away in horror. Or you can read on. Yogi’s choice.

Practice is rocking in this heat. Before this week, New York City was merely hot and sweaty, but not quite hot and sweaty enough to justify unrolling my Mysore rug. Practicing on a naked mat meant a very slippery, water-soaked mat, which meant waterlogged heels, toes, fingers and hands and a general feeling of disheveled utter patheticness.

Now that it is hotter than hell, I can justify breaking out the ole Mysore rug, which means that much of my pitta sweat is instantly absorbed right beneath my feet. Sweat that would otherwise have been flying about, dripping down my nose, pooling under my Uttanasana, is now streaming straight onto said rug. The direct result is a practice that does not involve excessive wiping and huffing exasperatedly. The indirect result is that each and every asana is better, steadier, stronger. Marichyasana D, even unassisted, has never been deeper. And I have finally mastered the art of jumping through with straight legs, with one caveat: I seem to have better control over it after I’ve done my backbends. And so, post practice, I have been practicing the straight-legged jump-through five or six times just to commit it to muscle memory. But alas, I fear that having written this, I have jinxed myself and that it will be another lifetime before I can convince my left leg to remain straight throughout the jump-through (my left leg has a bit of a problem with authority).

Eh, whubbut-ubbev-ubber.

Oh, yeah, and I am really going to write about Yoga Shala Summer Camp soon. I promise. It’s just that right now, I have, I don’t know, some kind of performance anxiety or somethin’.



5 Responses to Yoga Chickie hates the heat but loves being hotter than hell

  1. CJ says:

    I learnt to jump through with straight legs by accident. I just stopped trying and it just came one day. As you swing further and further forwards cross-legged past your hands, it might just come on its own. But I’m of course not an authority on the matter!

  2. Wayne says:

    I have two beautiful daughters so Fannie Dooley? You betcha! Ubenjuboy thube hubeat!

  3. Asana Bear says:

    hey yoga chickie. I stumbled over this site and am amazed, aghast and dumbfounded to learn that yoga is dangerous!!!!!! Who knew.

    Check it out.

    I was hoping it was a tongue in cheek site but it is deadly serious!

    All I could do was snicker… but hey maybe I’m missing something.

  4. Asana Bear says:


    I wish you’d offer subscriptions through Feedblitz…

    Asana Bear

  5. Kim says:

    oh! i just found that yoga dangers site too! did you hear about it through your gmail account?

    the “christian yoga?” page is particularly hilarious, e.g.: “There are very powerful spirits behind yoga that will turn against you unless you submit to their program. These spirits have a direct effect on the body and enable it to do some of the things that yoga demands especially enabling the body to flex into abnormal positions.”

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