It’s true what they say…you are what you eat, and I must have eaten a big ole can of obnoxious for dinner last night….

I have so much to say about this weekend in Eco-Hampton, so many anecdotes that have me smiling on the inside, so many links to so much interesting (in my opinion at least) information, that I am experiencing a bit of a writer’s block. It’s like..where to begin? And how to tell it so that I convey the spectacularity of the setting, the quality of the teachings, the harmony of the sangha?

If you were an early reader of this post, then you may have seen an attempt on my part to jump right in and start to report on the weekend and its many lessons. Unfortunately, when I woke up this morning and reread it in the cold light of day, I realized that what I had written simply did not do justice to the spirit of the retreat, the earnestness of the teachings, the sense of reverence that I have for my teacher and the practice of Ashtanga yoga. And so, I have decided to remove it and replace it with this statement, which will offer a mere peep at what we learned this weekend about living a yoga-practicing-supporting lifestyle:

What is in the food that you eat is more than just the food itself: it is also the energy, intentions and emotions of those who prepared your food, along with the food was grown, harvested, and if applicable, killed. If you cook with love, your food will reflect it. If you cook with anger, have the Rolaids ready. Apparently, when I asked my children to peel bananas for last night’s smoothies, I must not have taken into account their penchant for toilet humor and how it might imbue my writing with the sense of humor of a seven- and a nine-year old boy.

Apologies to those who were offended or misled by the original posting. More appropriate retreat-reporting will follow. Sans scatological humor and references to body parts.

Om shanti,



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